Knowing Your Banker in our Online World

I recently was lobbying on The Hill for our Expat and Trade issues.  One meeting stuck out in my mind.  A 30 something staffer for one of the committees and I were having a banking regulations meeting.  During the discussion of how some of the regulations were inhibiting exports, the staffer strongly stated that ‘there would never be a need for me (the staffer) to meet and get to know my banker ‘.    Puzzled by the abrupt shift in the conversation I queried, “what about when you want a mortgage”?   “No, no need, never – I am online.  There will NEVER be a need for me to know my banker” was the emphatic response!   I was amazed.  I sat back in my chair and thought ” have I missed something in moving into my online lifestyle”?  The meeting resumed on the topic of banking regs.  Points were made for the banking changes, which would give all of us a better chance at improving exports and increasing USA jobs,  the meeting ended.  We shook hands, wished him well and I departed.

As I walked down the long corridors to my next meeting, I had a long time to consider  the points made by the staffer.  I  decided that I hadn’t missed too much in transferring to an online lifestyle.  Being online has enhanced both my business and personal life.  I also decided that I am glad that I know all of my bankers.  I hope to do good business with my bankers for a very long time.  It is so important to build human relationships; whether they be business or personal.   At the end of the day people do business.    And yes you can quote me on that point.

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2 Responses to Knowing Your Banker in our Online World

  1. Jack Norris says:

    Our online banker hasn’t taken us to lunch…..besides that, I like the personal relationship and attention we’ve received from our offline banker. :-)

  2. I agree with you in that person to person contact is important. Recently I opened a new account and thought I was going to get “personal” attention with the banker when she shook my hand and gave me her business card. Today I really needed some quick info regarding my account and pulled her card only to find out that it wasn’t even her own line, but the general number for the bank and there was the usual annoying phone tree to go through. I never did get the info I needed. The banks want us to think they offer personal service, but the reality is that they want us to do business online..
    Regarding social networking, I agree that it has enhanced my relationships both personally and on business.. I’m loving Facebook and just getting familiar with Twitter.

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